Born in New Zealand, bred in Singapore, currently living on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

I'm a hard-working, straight-talking kiwi, here to share insight into my many years of training & coaching.

From a young age I was introduced to mad world of gymnastics, which ignited my passion for training. Not long after, I began competitive swimming and enjoyed many years of early mornings, dedicated training and staring at that dam black line. After moving on from years of gymnastics and swimming, I felt empty with the lack of discipline and routine that came with an athletes life. Then along came the big bad world of CrossFit. (Ok, well it wasn't that easy, I may have called my mum and cried after my first session, where I used a stick instead of a barbell) …. Fast forward 10 years and my life has been completely consumed by competing, coaching and filled with amazing friends and communities, all brought together by CrossFit!

I'm excited to share with you everything I have learnt on the way and help you in your training journey.