What is the minimum skills/strength requirement for the online programs?

Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced athletes are all welcome to complete the online program, with multiple drills for all abilities included and many options for scaling/modifying available. Although I do not specify a minimum strength requirement to complete the beginners program (which heavily focuses on positioning), a certain level of individual strength is required for safe practise.

How do I pick my skill level?

Skill level is determined by your ability to complete the designated drills with proficiency in both technique and strength, while hitting the daily skills focus requirements. You will however have access to all 3 tiered levels of programming and although not recommended, may jump between levels as desired.

Do I get skills and drill videos to refer back to?

YES! Full movement demonstrations and skills breakdown videos are provided!

How long do the sessions generally take?

Sessions will range between 35-40minutes in length, depending on each individuals rest/recovery times between skills sets. Modifications can be made to both the warm up and accessories pieces to reduce time and focus on the skills component if needed.

How do I get access to Multiple Programs?

Upon sign up you will have a choice of selecting one or multiple skills to be completed in your program.

Single Modality Programs Include -
- Bar Muscle Up
- Ring Muscle Up
- Handstands

Combination Programs Include -
- Bar Muscle Up & Ring Muscle Up
- Bar Muscle Up & Handstands
- Ring Muscle Up & Handstands
- Bar Muscle Up & Ring Muscle Up & Handstands

Programs will appear on FITR on Monday & Tuesday of each week, but may be completed at any time that suits your current training schedule.

*Note - In order to get the most benefit out of each program, it is advised to follow a maximum of 2 programs per cycle. In some cases there may be some slight overlap between programs.

How do I change between skills programs? E.g – I wish to change from the Handstand program to the Ring Muscle Up Program.

If you wish to change programming streams, please flick me an email at robertsharriet@hotmail.com

What if I want further assistance with my program?

If you need further help with coaching please jump on the “Harriet Roberts Strength & Conditioning” Facebook Group and grab assistance from myself and the amazing community. Alternatively please reach out via email at robertsharriet@hotmail.com 

How do I cancel my membership?

You are able to cancel your membership at anytime via your FITR account, in line with your next direct debit date. If you have any issues, feel free to contact me at robertsharriet@hotmail.com