Keen to host a Gymnastics Seminar at your space or join us at Mahi Movement?

We offer a range of seminar 1.5-2-hour skills-based seminars suitable for all ability levels and tailored to the interest of your athletes. From beginners to intermediates athletes looking to acquire new skills and improve efficiency, to high level CrossFitters aiming to refine their abilities, we are here to help. All sessions are hosted by Coach and CrossFit Games Athlete, Harriet Roberts.

Common movement selections include, but are not limited to:
- Foundational Body Positions (Included in all sessions)
- Toes to Bar
- Kipping Pull Ups/Chest to Bar Pull Ups
- Butterfly Pull Ups/Chest to Bar
- Handstand Positional Basics & Holds
- Handstand Push Ups
- Handstand Walk
- Bar Muscle Ups
- Ring Muscle Ups

We look forward to hearing from you